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Actualizado: 25 oct 2022

Psalms 91:1 says

“He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”

As I grew up and my relationship with God begun to grow, I realized how important it was to have MY own secret place with the LORD.

I came to live for God at a very young age, my early teenage years. I grew up seeing how God did miracles, signs and wonders around me. As I grew up, I remember praying and asking God to give me my own story. To give me my own testimony.

I soon realized that prayer would take me to a place where I was going be away and alone. And when I mean alone I mean alone without my family and friends.

I am very close to my family and friends, I don’t really have any alone time, if I need some alone time I need to get up and go to a place far FAR away, because they are everywhere. I’m so blessed to have grown up in such a united and close family, but I had to grow up and know God for myself, not through my mom, not through my friends but for MYSELF.

As we read through the Bible we see that many great men and women of God had moments to be set apart. In those moments God was molding them and showing them who God was for them.

And that is the place where God took me, to a place where I thought I was alone, but in reality I was getting to know who God really was in my life. I saw how he was a healer in my life, how he restored my heart. I realized who had to be the center on my life was JESUS.

As I continue to grow I know that I can run to that secret place that He showed me. The place where I know I will find peace, joy, mercy, grace and unconditional love.

By: Sandra Quiñonez

Upci, unitarios, Iglesia Apostolica

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